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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Go to: Abstract. End-of-life nursing encompasses many aspects of care: pain and symptom management, culturally sensitive practices, assisting patients and their families through the death and dying pSix of these were selected as articles for this Special Issue of Nursing Outlook. In this summary article, we present brief overviews of these articles, examine their key conclusions, articulate gaps and needs, and discuss next steps in palliative and 14 Jul 2011 ... The objective of this paper is to analyze the literature concerning nurses' roles and strategies in EOL decision making in acute care environments, synthesize the findings, and identify implications for future research. We conducted searEnd of Life Care - IToday in the 21st century the options for end of life care is innumerable; nursing homes, hospices, outpatient nurses, live-in aides, family support, etc. are just a few of the possible choices. Techniques and approaches regarding e12 Feb 2015 ... Therefore, this paper addresses the nurses' role in determining for whom, and when palliative and hospice care is appropriate; where and how palliative and hospice care should be provided; and the communication needs of patients and the4 May 2017 ... This is in particular true in hospice care which advocates for a holistic and idealistic approach to end of life care and where there is a group effort among a patient, his family, doctors, nurses, social workers and other professionals aINTRODUCTION. This paper will explore a variety of end-of-life issues from an ethical perspective. This paper is designed to provide clarification about the many concepts and terms used in public discussion about death and dying, and how law and ethicsPalliative Care, End of life assignment - Nursing Term Papers Palliative Care, End of life assignment Nursing Topic: Palliative Care, End of life assignment this is a Palliative Care, End of life assignment. see the video first End Of Life Concept AnalEnd-of-life care. Research paper. Author. Rachael Addicott. An Inquiry into the Quality of General Practice in England .... general practitioner, primary care, nurse. □ .... GP Inquiry Paper cancer and EOLC have been in place since 2004, and the DepartmEthical Dilemmas in the Intensive Care Unit: Treating Pain and Symptoms in Noncommunicative Patients at End of Life. Chow, Kimberly. Chow, Kimberly Less . Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 16(5):256-260, July 2014. Abstract. Abstract ...

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