Osteosynthesis screw

Osteosynthesis VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate System

VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate System Osteosynthesis • Anatomical & Universal Volar Plates • Dorsal Plates • Fragment Specific Plates Operative Technique6 NCBNCB®® Proximal Humerus – Surgical Technique Proximal Humerus System – Surgical Technique Increased core diameter 3.3 mm Spherical screw head with7 The distal Locking Screw has a short self-tapping tip which facilitates a faster and easier start as well as easy screw insertion. It helps to promote excellent4 Synthes Small Fragment Locking Compression Plate (LCP) System Technique Guide AO Principles In 1958, the AO formulated four basic principles, which have8 NCB ® Periprosthetic F Syst Surgical Technique The surgical technique is based on well-known standard plate osteosynthesis techniques, which give the surgeonIntroduction A fracture of the dens of the axis (C2) Epidemiology incidence most common fracture of the axis; account for 10-15% of all cervical fracturesThis Operative Technique sets forth detailed recommended procedures for using Stryker Osteosynthesis devices and instruments. It offers guidanceSurgical Technique LCP Locking Compression Plate DePuy Synthes 1 Table of Contents Introduction LCP Locking Compression Plate 2 LCP Metaphyseal Plates 4Since 2008, Hospital Innovations has been supplying a growing range of specialist products for use in orthopaedic and corrective surgery. We are a Human Tissue ...Search Depuy Synthes company's catalogues and technical brochures

Which of the following treatment options is contraindicated in this patient. Tashjian et al reviewed a series of odontoid fractures (Type II, III, and combined patterns) in elderly patients to evaluate for predictors of in-hospital morbidity and mortality. They identified risk factors associated with nonunion which support surgical treatment.

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