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The politics of Canada function within a framework of parliamentary democracy and a federal system of parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions.Islamism is a concept whose meaning has been debated in both public and academic contexts. The term can refer to diverse forms of social and political activism ...JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.Anthony de Jasay, Political Economy, Concisely: Essays on Policy that does not work and Markets that do [2009]Earn an affordable Bachelor of Science in Political Science online or on-site at University of Maryland University College.Free campaign finance reform papers, essays, and research papers.Free ethiopia papers, essays, and research papers. ... These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search). You may also sort these by color rating or ...JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.Teaching Women’s Rights From Past to Present (Women in World History Curriculum)Finnish Americans - History, Modern era, The first finns in america Du-Ha

Foreign Policy Beyond behaviour change: Key issues, interdisciplinary approaches and future directions Beyond Busing: Reflections on Urban Segregation, the Courts, and Equal Opportunity Beyond Deportation: The Role of Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Cases Beyond devolution and decentralisation: Building regional capacity in Wales and Brittany Beyond Empire and Nation: The Decolonization of African and Asian societies, 1930s-1970s Beyond Mechanical Markets: Asset Price Swings, Risk, and the Role of the State Beyond Occupation: Apartheid, Colonialism and International Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Beyond Red and Blue: How Twelve Political Philosophies Shape American Debates Beyond Religious Tolerance: Muslim, Christian & Traditionalist Encounters in an African Town Beyond Resource Wars: Scarcity, Environmental Degradation, and International Cooperation Beyond Service: State Workers, Public Policy, and the Prospects for Democratic Administration Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance, and the Struggle to Reform the NSA Beyond the Big Ditch: Politics, Ecology, and Infrastructure at the Panama Canal Beyond the Founders: New Approaches to the Political History of the Early American Republic Beyond the Global City: Understanding and Planning for the Diversity of Ontario Beyond the Handshake: Multilateral Cooperation in the Arab-Israeli Peace Process, 1991-1996 Beyond the Ivory Tower: International Relations Theory and the Issue of Policy Relevance Beyond the Wire: Former Prisoners and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland Big Farms Make Big Flu: Dispatches on Influenza, Agribusiness, and the Nature of Science Big Government and Affirmative Action: The Scandalous History of the Small Business Administration Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups Biological Weapons: From the Invention of State-Sponsored Programs to Contemporary Bioterrorism Biopolitics, Militarism, and Development: Eritrea in the Twenty-First Century The biopolitics of the war on terror: Life struggles, liberal modernity and the defence of logistical societies Biosecurity Dilemmas: Dreaded Diseases, Ethical Responses, and the Health of Nations Bioterrorism Preparedness Training and Assessment Exercises for Local Public Health Agencies Birds of empire, birds of nation: A history of science, economy, and conservation in United States-Colombia relations The Birth Control Movement and American Society: From Private Vice to Public Virtue Black and Blue: African Americans, the Labor Movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party Black Fathers in Contemporary American Society: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Strategies for Change Black Firefighters and the FDNY: The Struggle for Jobs, Justice, and Equity in New York City Black Flag Boricuas: Anarchism, Antiauthoritarianism, and the Left in Puerto Rico, 1897-1921 Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War, 10th Year Anniversary Edition, Revised and Updated Black Power at Work: Community Control, Affirmative Action, and the Construction Industry Black Power/White Control: The Struggle of the Woodlawn Organization in Chicago Black Revolutionary: William Patterson and the Globalization of the African American Freedom Struggle Black Star: African American Activism in the International Political Economy Blacks and the Quest for Economic Equality: The Political Economy of Employment in Southern Communities in the United States Blaming the Poor: The Long Shadow of the Moynihan Report on Cruel Images about Poverty Blazing the Neoliberal Trail: Urban Political Development in the United States and the United Kingdom Blindside: How to Anticipate Forcing Events and Wild Cards in Global Politics Blood and History in China: The Donglin Faction and its Repression, 1620-1627 Blood and Homeland: Eugenics and Racial Nationalism in Central and Southeast Europe, 1900-1940 Blood in the Sand: Imperial Fantasies, Right-Wing Ambitions, and the Erosion of American Democracy Blood on Their Hands: How Greedy Companies, Inept Bureaucracy, and Bad Science Killed Thousands of Hemophiliacs Blood Ties: Religion, Violence and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878–1908 Blowing the Roof off the Twenty-First Century: Media, Politics, and the Struggle for Post-Capitalist Democracy Blue and Gray Diplomacy: A History of Union and Confederate Foreign Relations Blue Helmets and Black Markets: The Business of Survival in the Siege of Sarajevo Blue Laws and Black Codes: Conflict, Courts, and Change in Twentieth-Century Virginia Bob Drinan: The Controversial Life of the First Catholic Priest Elected to Congress Bogota Siglo XXI: El futuro de la capital. Visions et expériences du monde: Religion, ideology and politics, 1750–2000 · Religion, idéologie et politique, 1750–2000 A Worldly Affair: New York, the United Nations, and the Story Behind Their Unlikely Bond Worlds of Dissent: Charter 77, The Plastic People of the Universe, and Czech Culture under Communism Worse Than a Monolith: Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia Would-Be Warriors: Incidents of Jihadist Terrorist Radicalization in the United States Since September 11, 2001 Wrestling with Democracy: Voting Systems as Politics in the 20th Century West Writing in Red: The East German Writers Union and the Role of Literary Intellectuals Writing Southern Politics: Contemporary Interpretations and Future Directions Wrong for All the Right Reasons: How White Liberals Have Been Undone by Race The Wrongs of the Right: Language, Race, and the Republican Party in the Age of Obama A Year at the Helm of the United Nations General Assembly: A Vision for our Century The Year I Was Peter the Great: 1956—Khrushchev, Stalin’s Ghost, and a Young American in Russia You Can’t Eat Freedom: Southerners and Social Justice after the Civil Rights Movement Young people and contradictions of inclusion: Towards Integrated Transition Policies in Europe The Young Turks' Crime against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire Your Time Is Done Now: Slavery, Resistance, and Defeat: The Maroon Trials of Dominica (1813-1814) You've Got Dissent! Chinese Dissident Use of the Internet and Beijing's Counter-Strategies Zionism and its Discontents: A Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine Zones of Conflict: US Foreign Policy in the Balkans and the Greater Middle East The 2020 European Agriculture:: Long term challenges, new public and private policies Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with the Supply of Fossil Fuels ADAPTATION DECISION MAKING FRAMEWORKS AND TOOLS:: EMPLOYING MULTI-CRITERIA DECISION MAKING TOOLS FOR PRIORITIZING ADAPTATION ACTIONS AT COMMUNITY LEVEL Adaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development and Equity:: The Case of Pakistan Adaptation without borders?: How understanding indirect impacts could change countriesʹ approach to climate risks Adapting to Climate Change in Urban Areas: The possibilities and constraints in low- and middle-income nations ʺAddressing the Impact of Biosafety Systems and Regional Policies - Towards a Regional Approach to Biotechnology Policy in Southern Africaʺ Advancing climate ambition:: How city-scale actions can contribute to global climate goals Against the rising tide:: an overview of the growing criminalisation of the Mediterranean region The age of cities and organizations of the urban poor: the work of the South African Homeless People’s Federation and the People’s Dialogue on Land and Shelter Agglomeration, Urban Growth and Infrastructure in Global Climate Policy:: A Dynamic CGE Approach Agricultural Input Vouchers in Southern Africa:: Research findings from Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia Agricultural Policy Priorities for Improving Rural Livelihoods in Southern Africa Air Pollution Control in the Transportation Sector:: Third Phase Research Report of the Urban Environmental Management Project Alternative Fuel Use in Cement Manufacturing: Implications, opportunities and barriers in Ontario Alternative Futures for Syria: Regional Implications and Challenges for the United States American Grand Strategy and the Liberal Order: Continuity, Change, and Options for the Future AN ANALYSIS OF NON-ANNEX I PARTIES NAMAs:: Challenges for Designing International Support and Implementing an Effective MRV Framework Appropriate Climate Smart Technologies for Smallholder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa Are Regional Systems Greening the Economy?: the Role of Environmental Innovations and Agglomeration Forces Asian Aspirations for Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Energy Security and Developmental Needs Clean Development Mechanism Technology Development and Transfer Adaptation to Climate Change Asian Perspectives on Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Concerns, Interests and Priorities Assessing the Armyʹs Ability to Regenerate Its Active Component End Strength Assessing the Climate Impacts of Cookstove Projects:: Issues in Emissions Accounting Assessing the social impacts of conservation policies: rigour versus practicality Assessment of the Effectiveness of Global Climate Policies Using Coupled Bottom-up and Top-down Models An Assessment of the Energy-Efficiency Gap and Its Implications for Climate Change Policy Auctioning vs. Air Force’s Wounded Warriors A Necessary Engagement: Reinventing America's Relations with the Muslim World The Need for Speed: A New Framework for Telecommunications Policy for the 21st Century A Negotiated Landscape: The Transformation of San Francisco’s Waterfront since 1950 Negotiated Power: The State, Elites, and Local Governance in Twelfth-Fourteenth China Negotiating cohesion, inequality and change: Uncomfortable positions in local government Negotiating Paradise: U.

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